Does Your Child Need Help With Anger?


Do you need help with anger?

Does your child need help with anger?

Is your child a behavior problem?

Is your child labeled defiant, oppositional, A.D.H.D. or O.D.D.?

As a Parent or Grandparent, are you at your wits' end?

"I know. I've been there --with my grandson--and I can tell you that the experience was heart-wrenching; but thanks to recent research on Brain Neuroplasticity and the Power of Intention, we found a way to harness his energy and bring it to Light"

Bianca Tora

This is What We Went Through!

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Every Child Deserves To Be An Enlightened Child. Every Child Needs To Learn How to Control Anger. Every Child Needs Help With Anger.

Six year old Sebastian was what some teachers might thoughtlessly call a troublemaker.

His classroom disruptions became so intolerable school officials suggested transferring him to a special facility for oppositional or defiant children.

It seemed no one could get through to the boy, not his teachers, not his parents, not his grandmother.

Nothing worked--until his family discovered a highly effective way that transformed his brain and led him to learning how to control anger.


In Dear Sebastian:Reclaiming the Power of Metaphor, Bianca Tora shares the remarkable techniques that helped Sebastian learn how to control anger, how to get help with anger --techniques that can help your child too.

Presented in a series of letters destined for the adult Sebastian, Bianca Tora shows how Sebastian's family learned to use love,belief and intention to achieve stunning behavioral improvements that amazed his teachers. She emphasizes the importance of parenting as a means to pass on the Legacy of Light.

Drawing on recent discoveries in psychoenergetic science, brain neuroplasticity, child behavior and the power of thought, Tora demonstrates that children,like adults, can be empowered with the tools of self-management and self-transformation--tools that strengthen the executive functions of the brain and the resonance of belief, tools that provide help with anger.

These tools include physical exercise, brain exercises as well as activities that tap into the psycho-energetic power of the mind such as focused attention and thought, meditation, energetics therapy and Atlantean Healing sessions.

Central to the process is the recognition of the invisible within the visible,the formless within form and the creative and cohering power of metaphor.

It is a journey that transforms Tora as well as Sebastian because her involvement with her grandson leads to the rediscovery of her own lost writing voice.

"This author has an inspired touch with words that play the human heart like a Stradivarius varnished by love and aged with wisdom. It takes all of this to nurture an 'initially structurally different' child to become 'whole' and in-phase plus meaningfully in-touch with the majority of his day-to-day world;to come to see his self as spirit growing comfortably into a transformed biobodysuit and joining effectively in the great adventure of this spacetime experience! This book is a treasure and I strongly recommend it for all readers!"

-- William A. Tiller Ph.D.
Fellow to the American Academy for the Advancement of Science,
Professor Emeritus of Stanford University's Department of Materials Science,
Author of Psychoenergetic Science: A Second Copernican-Scale Revolution,
profiled in the film "What The Bleep Do We Know!"

Read what Pediatrician and Energy Medicine Practitioner,Dr. Peter Hanfileti said about this book.

Read what London Free Press's own Kathy Rumleski said about this book.
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Recent Reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars : Shining a Light on Brain Plasticity, Jan 31 2010

By S. McLearon - See all my reviews

Dear Sebastian:Reclaiming the Power of Metaphor is an intellectually written book which intertwines Bianca Tora's dedication to solving her grandson's behavioural problems with her own evolvement from three dimensions to higher vibrational planes.

This book is especially for educators, parents, grandparents,the medical community and alternative therapists. Tora has done the research for us about the plasticity of the brain and practical ways to help make changes in young children whose behaviour differs from the norm in their age range. Along this path Tora's spiritual development is illuminated so that we aspire to know more about the author and her soul's mission in life, of which writing is definitely a part.

5 out of 5 stars: a powerful book for parents of nontraditional children, November 20, 2008

By A.A.L. (Massachusetts & France)

See all my reviews

I was absolutely delighted by "Dear Sebastian." My brother grew up with some intense learning-disability issues, so any book tackling the challenges of nontraditional students in the educational system piques my interest. Bianca Tora truly seems to understand that most often it is not the children that are the source of the problem, but the societal norms that do not fit their needs. Rethinking how to interact, opening up the discussion of how to include nontraditional students in the strictly traditional educational model, attempting to understand the greater energy behind these children--Tora knows what she is talking about and expresses it well. Tora also is able to describe her own spiritual progression throughout the book in a way that does not come off as New Age-y. She instead shows exactly how powerful a wider acceptance of healing sources can be in these situations.

I only wish that more parents of challenging/challenged children would have Tora's open-minded and loving approach, although I fully understand just how difficult it can be to adapt to these children's needs. This is a lovely and inspirational book for any parent, and especially for anyone involved in education.

4 out of 5 stars Complex but simple, and deeply moving, November 20, 2008

By Aisling D'Art "artist and author" (Portsmouth, NH USA)

- See all my reviews

When I picked up this book, I didn't know what to expect. As a writer, the promise of metaphor intrigued me. As an artist, the book's cover reminded me of powerful art by my students.

In "Dear Sebastian," the author shares some startling insights -- some lovely, and some very untidy and challenging -- about life. They're presented as letters to the adult that a remarkable child, Sebastian, will become.

For me, this book is a launchpad. In its pages, the author talks about a variety of spiritual concepts that are new to me. She's woven a diverse collection of breakthroughs and discoveries, including exciting mind-body connections, that I want to learn more about.

For adults, I think this book is about change. I say "for adults" because she's talking about recovering a sense of faith (belief in the invisible, and in what cannot be proved yet) that faded -- to jaded -- for many of us.

She's revisiting the sense of wonder that many of us had naturally as children, but lost touch with as we matured.

If I had to choose one line from this book to explain what it's about, it'd be this: "... change happens when we allow ourselves the grace to be made metaphors of Spirit."

This book is about Spirit and about metaphors in daily life. But, for me, it's mostly about the elegant beauty of grace and how that grace makes positive change natural and easy.

I like this book. There are so many layers to it, this is the kind of book that unfolds more with each reading. I look forward to the changes that it will inspire. To purchase a copy of the book,click here.

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