Discover the Best Anger Management Tips for Children!

What anger management tips can you use with a child who argues with you constantly and refuses to listen to his teachers at school?

Things became so difficult that school officials recommended that our grandson be placed in a special facility for delinquent children. They told us that classes would be small--no more than five in a room. He would be given individualized instruction and care.

He would also be surrounded by teenagers who had a history of behavior problems.

Did we want a six year old in this setting?

Did we want our grandson in this setting?

My name is Bianca Tora and I want to share with you our journey with our grandson Sebastian and what we learned from it.

Understanding Anger is the First Step towards Dealing with It.

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Anger in children is normal. It is the expression of anger, rather than the anger itself, that becomes problematic. This is where anger management tips come in. They are a set of tools to help youngsters recognize symptoms of their anxiety, stand back and look at their reactions objectively so that they can choose more acceptable ways to express their emotions.

Anger Can Lead You to Coherence or a Higher State of Consciousness

Thanks to recent research on brain neuroplasticity, exercise-induced brain stimulation and the power of intention and attention, we knew we could help our grandson manage his anger with the use of these tools.They were anger management tips we could use everyday without relying on drugs or institutional care.

And that's what we did--help him manage his anger--with love, patience, belief and brain-building exercises.

This website is the result of our encounter with anger. We decided to turn what we learned from it into anger management tips and resources that can help others like us.

There are positive aspects to anger management. Anger is often the beginning of a journey towards wholeness and coherence.

On his way to Damascus on a mission of hate and persecution, St. Paul was struck by a flash of brilliant light that changed his view of himself and the people around him. His transformation from darkness to light is a metaphor of what we are all able to do in times of anguish--see things in a new light.

Dr.Maurice Bucke calls it Cosmic Consciousness, an understanding characterized by a profound sense of connection to the universe, a connection that fosters a deep sense of coherence within ourselves and with nature and the universe around us.

Our journey into anger has made us more sympathetic towards others, allowing us to recognize that judgment and criticism can never do as well as understanding, belief and love.

Feel free to wander through our website. You probably feel as though you've stumbled into a new city or strange territory.

Learning child anger management is like going on a new journey.

But don't worry. We're here to guide you. We have information on almost everything you need to know about Anger in Children, about Anger and ADHD in children, about what ODD is and how it too can be managed with anger control tools, love, faith and belief. This website is filled with anger management tips!

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Find out how you can help your child with anger.

Dear Sebastian
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